When I was in seventh grade and the subjects became a bit difficult, especially computer science (to me) my parents decided to arrange a private tutor for me. Since the pandemic (Covid 19) we are quite used to online studies. My computer science class is also an online class, so I have never personally met my teacher. I am writing about my online computer teacher. My computer science teacher's name is Mr. Carlo Fernando. I have known many teachers, but Sir Carlo's teaching is a little different. He explains things in simple words, and he always boosts my motivation level. I never knew what I was capable of until I joined his class. Even my smallest achievements are praised and appreciated. He regards them as big achievements, which makes me more motivated in discovering more and more. When you are a student, it seems weird to think of your teachers as regular people but from the very beginning, my teacher made me feel relaxed, happy and most of all home. The bond between a teacher and a student is the most powerful force. I never forget to remember him when I sincerely join my hands for prayer. I feel so blessed and thankful to have him as a teacher in my life.
- Shenelle Earnest
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